Saturday, 8 November 2014

Destination weddings

While dating and while in a courtship period, every couple , at least once in a while fantasizes about eloping away. Destination weddings fulfill their this fantasy .After all who doesn't want to  take  pheras in the soft and serene breeze of some exotic beach or who doesn't want  to exchange vows in a full royal ambiance of  some lavish palace or heritage hotels .

Here are some recent destination wedding trends that people showed interest in our website lately. They are as follows-

1. Beach Weddings

With a pristine beach in backdrop, you don’t have to worry about decor, theme or photography much. Everything  looks beautiful . The ample amount of sunlight gives natural glow to bride’s visage. No Photoshop required for her and not heavy on groom’s picket as no extra decor stuff.

2. Vineyard weddings

Couples in Europe prefer vineyards a lot these days. And Why not to chose vineyard to get married .You can Keep the arrangements to minimum and can be close to nature. Great location, great food and what not.  You can always have good wine in the end. Win – win. Italy is the hot spot for it .

 3. City Weddings

For the vivacious couples. They chose to marry in a city whose roads are always lit up and pubs are always full. What’s the best in list? Vegas, of course.  What happens in Vegas doesn't remain in Vegas , in this case , by the way.

4. Palace Weddings

In India, it has always been said, the bride and groom are the king and queen for this particular auspicious day. Some couples take it a whole new level by taking pheras in the  ambiance of a royal palace . All sophisticated and all poised. It is as popular in India as beach weddings.

Taj Lake Palace, Oberoi ,Neermana forts are some of the hot favorites of couples in India.

5. Street Weddings

Well! Yes, they do exist. A couple took the concept to a whole new level .This couple exchanged the vows in busy streets of New-York. Just pray and Hope our very own Mumbaikars or Delhites don’t find this idea interesting. We have enough traffic jams already.


 So, plan your wedding and plan it good.Destination wedding will make your wedding a memorable fairy tale stuff

Thursday, 30 October 2014

   Our Top 10 Honeymoon outfit  picks 

Honeymoon is one thing that every girl dreams of right since very start .That one special person by your side in exotic locations ,romantic dates , glamorous night outs .A reality finally better than your dreams .

We got mails asking us to give a say on honeymoon styling  . So , here we are all set for it .

First thing every girl  want to do after her wedding is to get out of  heavy jewelry and clothes and take a deep sigh of relief  in her light clothes . VarVadhoo.Com would suggest that you should pick up your style based on your honeymoon destination . Here we are giving some clues .

1.If you are planning to spend your love time in some historic place.You are up for a lot sight seeing  .Choose comfort over style here . And what could be more comfortable than a light fabric , short or medium length circle skirt. The model has teamed it up with denim shirt .

2. Bright colored flowing maxi dress if you are all set to go for some warm sunlight and splendid sea shores .
Whether its a beach you chose to stroll on or it is a lavish resort , you are gonna look ravishing in this one.

3. Peplum Top , soft curls , leather skinny pants and neutral pumps with gold accessories . A perfect combination for that cool + posh chic inside you if you have picked a city that is a perfect shopper's stop for your honeymoon ;)

4. If you are all set for spending your special days in a quite lap of mountains ,layering will be a boon for you. It will look fabulous and  will not stop you from looking glamorous even in cold weathers 

 5. If you have selected  some vibrant city of lights and zeal as your honeymoon destination , why not go with gleam and glitters in dresses as well. You roam  in club all day in it and rock the disco floor at nights

6. Slitted Maxi dress
Maxi dress grabs its place again in the list and why it should not ? Its stylish , comfortable and oozes sensuality in grace . Saunter whole day in it and move out on a dinner date with spousewithout a second thought . After all , you won't like your husband waiting for you while you keep changing dresses.

7. This loose , extremely wide leg , flared trousers aka Palazzo pants always come with apprehensions .But if done nicely , they look really classy . Team them up with tank top or crop top i warm locations . You can also pair them up with cashmere or jackets , if you are out for cold destinations . A piece of  statement jewelry will accentuate the look 

 8 . And Seriously! what can even beat denims when it comes to comfort ? You know everything about it , go flaunt your look by applying everything you know about them

9. And since Boho chic look is so fashionable these days , why not to go for a pair of paisley pants that are easy to get on , soft and comfortable . A short top - solid , nude or white will go perfectly with it .

10. And this is the place we leave it upto you . Go , carry the look whatever you feel like. We  knowingly left many things that you can fill in - Skater dress , Bodycon Dress  , Pencil Skirts , Shorts , Accordions . Gordet , Drape, Gypsy skirts , Dungary , Paddle pushers , Sheer dresses , Patala Salwars , Karachi suits , Chiffon Sarees ....and what not .. Its your honey moon after all . Live it up . Bond well and have a blissful life ahead . 

Wait ..wait ..wait ..Do not just go away ,.at least tell us , what you would like to be included in the list . What do you think would look best on you ? And if you are married What did you wear on your honeymoon ?

Tell us , if you want us to feature you in our blogs. Its absolutely free..Share your stories because stories those remain untold , die  :) 

Loads of love and see you soon !

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Top 7 outfits for Indian Grooms - 2014

Out of time . Busy scheduling things .Juggling between long working hours and longer phone conversations with your lovely bride. Story of every groom these days.

We understand it is very difficult for boys to take some time out  for deciding their look for their D-Day. Moreover , they find it very strenuous to take a stroll on all local shops / designer houses to make a custom cut wedding attire .

VarVadhoo.Com brings the latest trends right from the collection of our ace designers. Take a cue , mix it with some of your taste and creativity (or ask your would be , she will be more than happy to help) and Voila! you have an outfit that will turn make all those girls hell lot of jealous from your special someone.

1. Elegant , tight Resham embroidered Sherwani  designed by Arsalan Iqbal. If you are planning to create a royal aura around you on your wedding day , this will be one of the best attire for you .

2. SabyaSachi Him and Her collection for those who are in love with gleam and shimmer. Go all  glammed up on this absolutely stunning and bold groom range. Since ensembles with gleam and  flare are all so in this season , you may also team up with your bride . Both of you will put everyone in awe ,showing up all blinged up 

3.This collage of Nikhil Shantanu describes bold styling in detail. Our personal favorite is the golden Dhoti teamed up with long sleeved ,straight fit jacket . Pick out up own favorite and reinvent your own style.

4. Classic,Poised Coat Pants were , are and will be a hit . They are evergreen attires in true sense . We bring you a wide range of suit sets in following pics. You will get a quick idea of what to and what not to wear at your big eve. Take a look --

5.  An absolutely fabulous ensemble right from the assemblage of Manish Malhotra . The name says it all. It has to be glamorous ,it has to be full of drama and Tadka . The outfit totally justifies our words . Golden , beige  Kurta with glamorous deep cut semi Mandarin Collar makes the outfit distinct and fashionable. The contrast  Banarsi stole adds the aesthetic value.

6. This Cut work ,silver thread bordered velvet jacket is just too beautiful to be ignored.What makes it more graceful is the intricate design that has been woven with so perfection . This kind of jacket will add an extra oomph to your whole attire. Go for simple Linen basic /white /beige color Kurta and Payjama/Dhoti . Accessorize it with this jacket . You will be the talk of town whenever you will wear it.
Designed by none other than Arslan-Iqbal.

 7. Last but not the least , Tarun Tahiliani  Beige golden ethnic collection . His name is synonymous with luxury , class and easy to wear couture  .Outfits always carry classic look  with something unusual .If you are the one who choose sophistication over buzz and elegance over fashion . Go , rock this particular  look !

So , these were the top 7 looks straight from the designers' assemblage . We seriously look forward for all the suggestions from your side . Tell us what you liked and tel us what you don't. Appreciate us , Pamper us , annoy us or abuse us. Do not ignore us. Looking forward for your replies. Bye bye for now. Tell us what you want next .

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Top 5 Lehenga Designs according to your body type. -2014 

Your Wedding is near and you are already getting wedding blues by the mere name of it. You always thought that you will be looking a total stunner at your wedding..right Since..I don't know ..your childhood and all you do is float in a dreamy cloud of love , rainbows , exquisite locations , colorful attires (and yes ..The Groom :P )
But when it comes to make a go on this fabulous 26 kali skirt , embellished Choli  and heavy flowing dupatta , you don't know how to put a finger on one .

Which one ? That ? Nah..I love this but that one is also good .. Is pink the color of season ? Ye to Manish Malhotra ka latest design hai !! Rate tag dekh .. (No issues ...We all sail in same boat ..Been there ..Done that :/)

So ,calm down brides to be ..We are trying to pull everything out of our magic box to help you out and minimize your dilemma.

VarVadhoo.Com  brings up all the latest trends for you all . Giddy Up !

Its your wedding day and of course ,you want to look your best. Your dress will decide how you are going to look in those photo albums forever. You already know what look good but a little fine tune on "what looks good on YOU " will accentuate your beauty and will give you that graceful , poised look .

A few things that need to be taken care of are -

BODY TYPE - Whether you are Petite (slim) , Heavy Bottom , Heavy Top , Hourglass or Heavy from all sides shape.

COMPLEXION - Extremely Fair , Fair , Dusky or Dark skin tone.

Believe  us , every shape and every complexion is beautiful and carries its own pros and cons in its own unique way. So , there is something very unique waiting for you right here .

So, starting up with our picks for you of 2014.

1. Conventional , Ethnic Look 

Almost 60% of Indian brides want to get all dolled up in their dream royal , Red ,Maroon Lehenga. Red is the color of love and passion. Let's have a look and let's take a cue from Rohit Bal's Bridal Lehenga.

  This ethnic Corset Choli and Fish Skirt Lehenga will look best on Hourglass shape and Heavy top shapes .

2. Classy Pastel Shades 

There is something so classy in pastel shades. It makes the bride look subtle yet attractive. Take a cue from Lakme Fashion Week 2014 .

This Free Flow Skirt and fitted Choli will look best on Petite and heavy top frames as the full flare lehenga will hide the flatness around your waist .

3. Velvet Lovers- 

Nobody can deny and overlook the royal effect that velvet fabric carries in its aura. But at the same time , overdoing it can be tiresome work for you. The floral embroidered ,Georgette /Chiffon free flow skirt bring a posh chic look .

Back/Side zip Choli  and Semi fish cut skirt can look good on hourglass frames . Fish cut lehenga flaunts the area around lower waist , so chose wisely.

4. Glam Gold ,Ethnic look
This lehenga by Ashima Leena looks absolutely gorgeous. Every fine detailing of intricate work will make any bride go WOW for it. Petite and  tall body frame will end up taking compliments of  "Absolutely Stunning " from everybody in this long Choli , Kalidaar lehenga.
Those who have more fat around waist can also go with this kind of  full flare Lehenga , where most of the work is concentrated about helm and not around the waist. 

5. Unconventional Bridal look 

This Ashima Leena design is for the brides who don't wish to be cliche . Right from the color , style , sequin works  to outfit cut everything is unconventional and awesome. The skirt is A-line and is very sober in work .  Very slim brides should refrain from going with this style. Since ,it has a long Koti over the blouse. It gives you a luxury of not thinking about the extra fat around waist , that might show up in short cholis.

This was our fashion statement for you straight from the VarVadhoo House. Do you like it ? Do you hate it ? Tell us..We are dying to hear from you . Next time , we will come with more tips and more styles. 

If you want us to write about something . please state it in the comment section below.. Till then , loads of love and wishes. 

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

 WOWOWO  Indian Brides! Avoid these 5 things before your D-Day .

1.A big Dilemma- The Lehenga Saga

Avoid trying new cut , high fashion Lehenga taken just fresh out of some Hunky - Dory Bollywood Movie. Of course , it is designed by some ace designer and makes Deepika  look more hotter but it may end like looking oversized Captain Gown on you . Take your time , trust your own guts and go for shades that suit your color tone. Indian skin tone is the best skin tone , according to me, by the way ;)

2. No,That's not a catwalk 

I have been in the fashion business for a long time now . Almost every 8 in 10 brides pick up really uncomfortable stilettos or pointed toe pin heels  . No , I am not telling you to go out in Jogger shoes .But calm down girl , keep it comfortable along with stylish. This is our Indian wedding for God's sake .We need to stand for hours to get clicked and smile and shy and again stand , sit , touch feet and what not. Don't punish yourselves with wrong heels. If you are not that used to of wearing heels , go for platform wedge , kitten heels or a comfortable peep - toe sling back . Look for the brands which provide cushion to posterior area of your feet .

4. Why you have bee-hive on  your head !!! Err.. that's your hairstyle [Big Poker Face]. 

I don't know why our beauticians are so much adamant about using this bee-hive thing or fill-ons on bride's head. Just chill fashion experts ..she has normal , short hair . She is not Rapunzel ,She overgrew her long back. It is how she likes it (and that's why she keeps it ..DUH! Einstein).It is who she is .Why you give her that artificial long ,curly ,voluminous hair updo. It doesn't look good on everybody. So, dear bride , you will have to take a call on this. you will have to be clear about your style in the face. There are many elegant , classy and even cool hair updos for short hair girls. Just google them up or use your own creativity but please don't be a helpless victim on you D-Day.

5. Size Zero !! What ? 

Fashion Industry has always supported thin , tall and skinny models with protruding collar bones , slim waist and thin legs but Honey ...We are not made for size zero concept . Size Zero approximately denotes the vital statistics of 31-23-32. It almost coincides with the statistics of U.S.size 0 and the U.K. size 4 . This so much vaunted size zero concept is not a evolutionary fit to Indians. We are genetically different . But some goons say size zero  is synonymous with getting ultra skinny and hence ultra sexy. And that's such a core bullshit. you need not to starve to look pretty. Be what you are . Exercise , maintain healthy diet plan , be active not anorexic. Those few extra ounces may accentuate your beauty , if you are maintaining a healthy,hygienicand fit life style. 

3. What are you ? HellGirl ? Why so much red ? 

We understand that its your marriage and you want to be painted in red (well , not literally) .We understand red lehenga, we also understand red bridal heels but what's with red slippers on honeymoon? Red colored pants ? Red head band with a outrageous red flower ? Red Clutchers , Red slings , Red toothBrush  ...Arghh!! Forget it! .Girl ..there are so many more colors in which you will look absolutely stunning. Please don't shop all red. Go with the flavor of destination you chose to holiday at . They don't say you diva for no reason..You have it all :)

Note : VarVadhoo.Com owns just the content of the above blog. All the pictures are been taken from various photo sharing sites. VarVadhoo.Com claims no ownership of the pictures used in the blog. 

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Hello Everybody ,

Here is the first post of our blog.
What could be more beautiful than discussing the first soul- mates in the history of mankind. Adam and Eve.

Most of you must have read the story , for those who haven't----

After creating the world, God made a beautiful garden, called Garden of Eden. It was a paradise full of animals, fruits and trees. At the center of the garden, there was a tree with a special power to give the knowledge of good and evil to the person who ate its fruit. Adam was the first man created by God. God told Adam to look after the trees in the garden and warned him, “You may eat fruits from any tree you like, but not from the Tree of Knowledge. If you do not obey, you shall die:”
To give company to Adam, God created a female from his ribs, and named her Eve. Both Adam and Eve lived naked in the Garden of Eden, as they had no sense.
In the same garden, there lived a snake. It advised eve to eat the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge, and told her that if she ate the fruit, she would become wise like God. Tempted by this, Eve ate the fruit and made Adam also eat it.
Next day, when God came to the Garden, Adam and Eve hid themselves from Him, as now they had gained knowledge.
God asked them, “Did you eat the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge?” The two admitted. God became angry and punished them, saying, “You did not obey me. So now, you will have to leave this Garden. You will have to live on Earth. Adam will have to work hard to grow crops and create food, and Eve will have to suffer the pain of giving birth.”

That was the story !!!

What do you think ? Was the punishment justifiable ?Was it how the concept of soul- mate started ?

Write in comments section. We are waiting for you .
Thanks for reading :)